Streetwise Craft Co. will draw from different styles of furniture-making and joinery. We also want to incorporate various aspects of home furnishing, which include fabric and cushions (for sofas), art pieces (murals, silk-screened wooden signs, poster reprints and original artwork), and recycling items, primarily shipping palettes, which are in abundance here in Lusaka.


Streetwise Craft Co. will also seek to draw upon the natural art talents of youth who are interested. We want to create wooden signs for the home, as well as poster reproductions, and any other type of arts and crafts, so that the kids can develop their talents in new and innovative ways not currently used or seen in Zambia. In this area we can incorporate processes such as silk screen, computer graphic design, and painting.


Another aspect of the Craft Co. is upholstery and fabrics. We can produce locally made, comparable quality cushions for just about any room or taste. Streetwise aims to draw upon locally existing talent to provide training for candidates of the company. In this way the idea can become a community project, by and for the community.